The Seagull

The Seagull

Toured nationally 2013

Luke adapted this Chekhov classic for Black Coffee Theatre in 2013, relocating the action to England in the roaring twenties. He also played Konstantine in the production directed by Jonathan Holby

About the show:

The Bright Young Things of the roaring 20’s have changed the mood in a town fuelled by the boom of jazz, fashion and the arts, but on an estate in the country there is only a lake, and the people around it burn for something more…

Anyone who knows Chekhov – whether actor, writer or scholar – has an opinion on how the play should be interpreted and performed. In this version, Black Coffee Theatre suggests how Chekhov could be performed.
Leave your preconceptions at the door and immerse yourself in the world created in an attempt to excavate and define the work of a master of Russian theatre.


“Black Coffee Theatre Company’s truly heartfelt production seems to be far more telling of Chekhov’s characters and their ideas than a lavish West End production might.”

Broadway World Review


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