Toured nationally 2013

Found is Luke’s first original play and was co-produced with ARC Stockton, Alnwick Playhouse and Northern Stage as part of the Bridging The Gap Scheme. It toured nationally before playing for three weeks at The Hope Theatre in London.

About the show:

“Feels like God’s constantly teasing us. Dangling happiness and joy in front of our eyes and then kicking us in the b****cks and running off, giggling.”

Found tells the story of Mark, a twenty-something office worker with a 2.2 from Hull who lives alone and hasn’t had a girlfriend for four years, but whose fairly uneventful life is interrupted by the discovery of an unconscious man on the beach near his flat. Mark does what any other person would do; he stops to help and offers the man a bed until he can remember who he is. The man slowly recovers, but never speaks and sparks a chain of events that will bring Mark’s life crashing down around him.

First produced by Black Coffee Theatre alongside ARC Stockton, Alnwick Playhouse and Northern Stage in 2013 this exciting new play examines how we involve ourselves in the lives of other people, how our actions can affect them and questions what happens if we stop thinking about ourselves for a second and actually listen to other people.



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“A gem of a production”

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